The American missionary Thomas S. Savage noticed the skull of a large great ape when he was in Gabon in 1847. He was able to acquire several more skulls and some bones from this, until then, unknown species. After returning to the USA, he described the species together with Jeffries Wyman. The first mountain gorilla was described by Paul Matschie with a specimen that Robert von Beringe had shot in 1902.

Externally, the species differ in several characteristics. The nose of the western gorillas is broader than in the eastern populations. The silvery back of adult males extends to hips and upper thighs in the western gorillas. The mountain gorillas of the Virungas have shorter arms and very long, silky hair, mainly on the arms. While the hair of the eastern species is usually deep black (apart from the silvery back of the males), the western gorillas' hair can take on a grey or brownish tinge in both males and females.

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This motorcycle was donated with funds of the Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust (© Claude Sikubwabo Kiyengo)

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A meeting of the board of directors in 1984: Manfred Hartwig, Rolf Brunner and Paul-Hermann Bürgel.

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