Our aim: the conservation of gorillas and their habitats

What does B&RD want to achieve?

B&RD focuses on the survival of gorilla populations that are particularly at risk. For this purpose, we support forest conservation and the protection of gorillas. However, the gorillas' survival can only be ensured in the long-term if we succeed in finding a balance between the needs of the human population and the required nature conservation measures. We want to contribute to achieving this balance.

For how long has B&RD been operating?

Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e. V. (Mountain Gorilla and Rainforest Direct Aid) was established in 1984. Initially, the organisation was called "Berggorilla Patenschaft", but this name was subsequently changed.


What is the organisational structure of B&RD?

The B&RD Board of Directors is composed of three members – all working on a honorary basis – with the same status. The Board is supported by active members who volunteered to help with various activities such as web design, shipping, editing the Gorilla Journal, translating, and the staffing of information booths during events.


How many members does B&RD have?

The association has over 400 members. Most members reside in Germany; the remainder are mostly Swiss and Austrian.


How is B&RD financed?

The work of the organisation is funded exclusively from membership feesand donations. B&RD is recognized as a charitable organisation by the Tax Office of Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany.

What is the money used for?

Neither the Board members nor other active members are paid for their work; we have no office for which we need to pay rent. The majority of our expenditure is direct financial support for gorilla conservation projects. A smaller part of B&RD’s income is used for the production of information material. B&RD’s accounting, including income and expenditures, is published annually in the Gorilla Journal.


Where does B&RD work?

Currently, B&RD supports projects in the geographical range of the eastern gorillas (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda) and in the range of the Cross River gorillas (Nigeria and Cameroon). Occasionally, B&RD has provided urgently needed support to projects for the protection of western lowland gorillas.


Does B&RD have local contacts?

B&RD cooperates through contact persons in the concerned countries – either staff of national authorities or other organisations. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighbouring countries B&RD's project manager keeps contact with the various projects. He sends us proposals and reports and evaluates the success of our activities.

How does B&RD differ from other organisations?

B&RD supports the activities of several protected areas constantly (as well as communities in their surroundings), but also gorilla conservation activities carried out by other organisations - so we do not compete, but supplement others. In particular, we help out when a protected area does not receive support from other organisations, if something is urgently needed, or if our cooperation partners recommend activities that they cannot finance from their own funds. We work directly and without attendant bureaucracy – as a result, much is achieved even with small amounts of money.


How can I support B&RD activities?

You can support B&RD by donating money or by becoming a member. Your membership fee includes a subscription to the Gorilla Journal. Should you wish actively to assist our activities, you can do that, too!


How do I become a member?

You can become a member of B&RD by filling in the membership application and transferring the annual membership fee.


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