Rain Forest

Gorillas can only live in rain forest. Wherever the rain forest has been destroyed, the gorillas have disappeared.



As human populations grow in numbers, they require ever more space for agriculture. A lot of forest is lost in this way, particularly in densely populated regions. However, the economic exploitation of resources also destroys forest. Although logging companies are usually interested in only a few trees, the roads they construct while extracting the timber make remote forests accessible for settlers. Forest is also lost during the mining of minerals. In addition, ever larger areas are clear-felled for the cultivation of plants that play a major role in the global economy, such as oil palms.

Basket-weaving Training Project for Adolescent Mothers in Mt. Tshiaberimu

Mt. Tshiaberimu, a mountain range on which Grauer's gorillas are protected in the Virunga National Park, is surrounded by several villages. The main…


Climate Change in the Congo Basin

The Congo Basin covers an area of more than 4 million km² and is home to a number of different ecosystems. Grassy savannas in the North and South…


Distribution and Habitat Use of Gorillas in the Ebo Forest

Although gorilla distribution and habitat use are fairly well known for many gorilla populations in Cameroon, very little is known concerning the Ebo…


Community Reserves in a Retreating Environment

The natural forests in western North Kivu province and Maniema province, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, are very rich in biodiversity of…


Ecological Research in the Kivu Region

As we fly from Rwanda's capital Kigali to the Kivu region in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, our route stretches over a hilly landscape…


Fuel-efficient Stoves at Mount Tshiaberimu

Efficient charcoal-fired stoves have been in use throughout the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than a decade. Everyone is convinced…


The Struggle for Survival in the Maiombe Forest Continues

The Maiombe National Park (MNP) covers a large part of the Maiombe forest component of Angola, an area of some 1,930 km² in Cabinda Province, an…


Gorillas of the Ebo Forest Threatened by Proposed Forest Management Units for Timber Exploitation

The Government of Cameroon has proposed two Forest Management Units (FMU) for timber exploitation which completely cover the proposed Ebo National…


Critical Forest Corridor for Cross River Gorillas Threatened

Protecting forest corridors that allow movement and genetic exchange between Cross River gorilla subpopulations and groups is critical to their…


A Brief Update on the Proposed Superhighway in Cross River State

In March 2016 the Federal Ministry of the Environment issued Cross River State a stop work order pending approval of an environmental impact…


African Tropical Forests Are under Stress

Tropical deforestation is well known to have serious negative consequences for biodiversity, terrestrial carbon sinks and the balance of atmospheric…


Trees around Tshiaberimu

[Translate to Englisch:] Verteilung von Maracuja-Setzlingen

In 2008, a cry for help came from the Mount Tshiaberimu area due to a rush of people cutting wood and producing charcoal. The profitability of this…


Oil Palm Plantations in Africa

The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) has its origin in West Africa. Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and parts…


Bushmeat Hunting Changes African Rainforests

Hunting often devastates populations of large mammals, and this may have impact on other animal and plant communities. In two recent studies (Effiom…


The Bambidie Gorillas

Female and offspring in the bai

The Bambidie Gorilla Project (BGP), founded in 2008, aims to preserve a population of western lowland go­ril­las, between the villages of…


Planting Trees for Gorilla Conservation

[Translate to EN:] Schüler in der Baumschule (© Augustin Rwimo)

The population of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo depends on charcoal for cooking. To obtain it, they cut large areas of forest, even in…


Bushmeat Investigation Trip

Logging concessions around the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park (© Angela Meder)

Republic of Congo: in March 2009 I made a tour of the various markets in Ouesso, and for the first time realized the real ubiquity of bushmeat in that…


A GIS Habitat Map for the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary, Cameroon

Kagwene monitoring (© Ymke Warren)

The Cross River gorilla is the most endangered of all great ape taxa, and its rare and increasingly fragmented populations continue to be threatened…