In large parts of their range, gorillas are hunted for their meat although this is illegal.


The trade in bushmeat, the meat of wild animals, can have major impacts, particularly when it happens on a large scale. Logging companies construct roads, which opens up the forest and creates favourable conditions for the bushmeat trade. In many areas, hunting has already resulted in the dramatic decline of gorillas and the populations of other hunted animals. In many locations, projects have been set up to counteract overhunting and the consumption or trade of bushmeat.



A side effect of hunt gorillas for food is the trade in live gorilla babies who are taken after their mothers have been killed. They are sold to private individuals who usually keep them in terrible conditions. Some of these babies are confiscated by the authorities and end up in gorilla orphanages.

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Wildlife law enforcement operation in East of Cameroon led to arrest of traffickers in gorilla parts. (© LAGA)

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UGADEC region in northeastern Congo

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[Translate to EN:] Jan Ramer, rechts, bei der Untersuchung von Shamavu

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Hands of gorillas killed by a poacher in northern Congo (© PROGEPP – Projet Gestion des Ecosystèmes Périphériques au Parc National Nouabalé-Ndoki)

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Abong Mbang, January 2008 (© LAGA)

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