Karin Euler-Schulze

The artist’s gallery: www.kes-kunst-koeln.de


because this species impressed me very much and is threatened with extinction. Here I face gentle giants with a social organisation who share evolutionary roots with us. As „related species“ I feel very much affected close to the amiable peaceful giants.
For the observation and perception of living ape models in the zoo and in the wild, patience, empathy and respect are necessary. It is a mutual perceiving and observing: human-ape, ape-human! In drawing, photography and sculpture I create a monument for the gentle giants. The artistic realisation shows the beauty and individuality of certain ape personalities that is expressed most strongly in sculpture.


For humans the heavy bodies of the gentle giants, their straight body with the broad chest and shoulders, the strong arms with large hands and feet often look frightening and inspire us with respect. Each gorilla has an unmistakeable profile that is reflected in the noseprint. Their view may be roguish, full of dignity, wise, screaming and sad – and the observer still looks for the answer to the question how far men and apes are separated in their social and emotional worlds. To meet gorillas in the zoo or in the wild and to observe their behaviour are moments of happiness in the encounter of humans and animals.


In sculpture, drawing, photography and installation I express my concern „respect and esteem for the character of the animal – in this case the gorilla“ as an artist. The artwork in exhibitions can increase awareness for the critically endangered species and its habitat. If somebody buys „gorilla artwork“, she or he develops a personal proximity to the endangered species, and the owner of the artwork gets engaged in the conservation of the species.