Mt. Tshiaberimu


Mainly supported in recent years by:

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conservation status:
National Park, World Heritage Site

60 km²

3100 m

7 Grauer’s gorillas

Gorilla tourism:
not possible

Basket-weaving Training Project for Adolescent Mothers in Mt. Tshiaberimu

Mt. Tshiaberimu, a mountain range on which Grauer's gorillas are protected in the Virunga National Park, is surrounded by several villages. The main…


Another Gorilla Gives Birth on Mt. Tshiaberimu

For over a decade, there has been little hope for the survival of the Mount Tshiaberimu (or Tshiabirimu) gorillas. Several great ape experts…


Two Infants within Two Years at Mount Tshiaberimu

Mount Tshiaberimu (or Tshiabirimu) is located in the southern part of the Northern Sector of Virunga National Park. At the beginning of January 2020,…


Support for Communities

We have already supported many projects, which have turned out to be very successful, for the people of Mt. Tshiaberimu. Other communities around the…


Gorilla born on Mt. Tshiaberimu

In December 2021 (the exact date is not known) another gorilla was born on Mt. Tshiaberimu. The mother is Mwengeshali. We celebrate this success with…


Fuel-efficient Stoves at Mount Tshiaberimu

Efficient charcoal-fired stoves have been in use throughout the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than a decade. Everyone is convinced…


Mount Tshiaberimu - the Science behind the Mountain of Spirits

The northern sector of Mount Tshiaberimu is an integral part of the Virunga National Park (VNP), the west is adjacent to Lake Edward in North Kivu…


Efficient Cooking Stoves for the Population at Mt. Tshiaberimu

Currently the supply of electric power covers less than 30 % of the energy and is available only for a small percentage of the population in eastern…


Bamboo Cultivation in the Vicinity of Mt. Tshiaberimu

In order to preserve the ecosystems of Mount Tshiaberimu, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe has made it its duty to keep up its support for this…


International Primatological Society Meeting in Nairobi

From 19-25 August 2018, the biannual conference of the International Primatological Society, organised by Johannes Refisch (GRASP), took place in the…


Can Micro-Projects Promote Conservation?

The Sarambwe Reserve and Mount Tshiaberimu are two refuges for gorillas near the central and northern part of the Virunga National Park, conserving…


Adoption of Community Development Projects by the Population near Mount Tshiaberimu

The term 'adoption of projects' is understood to mean the acceptance of the projects and their integration into local and daily activities on the…


The Virunga Communications Post Installation

Security problems in the Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo, have been a severe danger for the park's wildlife and its forests,…


Development Activities in the Vicinity of Mount Tshiaberimu

Located close to Virunga National Park, the Sarambwe Reserve and Mount Tshiaberimu are two threatened sites where gorillas still occur. As ecotourism…


Help for Mount Tshiaberimu

With its unique mountain forest, Mt Tshiaberimu is part of the Virunga National Park, but despite its great importance for conservation it remains at…


Can the Gorillas of Mt. Tshiaberimu Survive?

Planting of passion fruit seeds in sacks at the Vurusi nursery

In previous articles we have documented the invaluable support Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe has provided over the years to gorilla and habitat…


Trees around Tshiaberimu

[Translate to Englisch:] Verteilung von Maracuja-Setzlingen

In 2008, a cry for help came from the Mount Tshiaberimu area due to a rush of people cutting wood and producing charcoal. The profitability of this…


Blood Samples from Tshiaberimu Gorillas

On a small forested island in the western region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Virunga National Park, a tiny population of Grauer's…


Planting Trees for Gorilla Conservation

[Translate to EN:] Schüler in der Baumschule (© Augustin Rwimo)

The population of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo depends on charcoal for cooking. To obtain it, they cut large areas of forest, even in…


Tree Nurseries in Schools

Students in the tree nursery (© Augustin Rwimo)

Can they Make a Contribution to Conservation?

Everything developed as a result of lessons learnt from two concurrent projects: the project for the…


Tree Nursery on Mt. Tshiaberimu

During germination, the seedlings are protected from the sun (© Jean de Dieu Vhosi)

Mount Tshiaberimu is a site that is critical both for conservation and for the development of local communities. It is located in one of the most…


Death on Mt. Tshiaberimu

The silverback male Kanindo from the tiny gorilla population on Mt. Tshiaberimu died after falling down a ravine. He was thought to be in his late…


Mt. Tshiaberimu Project 2008

The silverback Nzanzu (© The Gorilla Organization)

2008 has been a very difficult year for The Gorilla Organization on Mt Tshiaberimu. In February 2008 the adult female Mughole of the Kipura group died…


Gorilla Deaths Spark Fears at Mount Tshiaberimu

On 10 May, 2008, Molo, one of just 20 rare gorillas living in the forests of Mount Tshiaberimu, in the northern annex of Virunga National Park,…


Construction of a New Patrol Post

10 Years on Mt. Tshiaberimu

Training on Mt. Tshiaberimu

Progress Report on Mt. Tshiaberimu

Reports from Mt. Tshiaberimu

The World’s Rarest Gorillas