Maiko National Park

Mainly supported in recent years by:

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conservation status:
National Park

10 830 km²

600–1200 m

ca. 860 Grauer’s gorillas

Gorilla tourism:
not possible

Support for Conservation and Community Development around Maiko

The population of villages and towns in the Maiko region faces many difficulties in accessing basic services such as drinking water, and so do the…


Community Development Micro-Projects around Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park (MNP) was gazetted in 1970 by the President of what was then Zaire, Marshal Mobutu. Before the creation of the park, the area was…


Report of an Arrest

In view of the threats observed and documented in different areas, particularly in the Bafwasende area, central sector of the Maiko National Park…


Illicit Trafficking of Baby Chimpanzees

In 2020, the management of Maiko National Park set up a system to dismantle the network of traffickers of baby chimpanzees, particularly in Bafwasende…


A Brief Account of the CoCoSi of Maiko National Park

Activities in protected areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are carried out in accordance with an annual operational plan drawn up by the…


Pressures on Natural Resources of the Maiko National Park

Management of the Maiko National Park (MNP) has remained difficult due to the presence of armed groups in different sectors of the park. The…


Maiko National Park: Site Management and Conservation

Maiko National Park (MNP, BDMAP 1080) was gazetted in 1970. It is located in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is part of the…


Implication of Local Communities for the Management of Maiko

Over several decades, humans cohabited with the organisms in their environment more or less harmoniously. But recently, the use of modern tools in…


Maiko National Park Progress Report

Maiko National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo, lies in one of the most remote forest areas in the world. It is an incredible wilderness area,…


Support of the Simba inside Maiko

A meeting of representatives of ICCN, the military and FZS with the Simba (© Eugene Izinga)

The Maiko National Park (MNP) is one of 7 national parks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It was established by Presidential Decree…


Extensive Patrols in Maiko

Poachers arrested in the park

As part of the monitoring activities taking place In Maiko National Park during the festive period, between Christmas 2011 and the New Year, extensive…


Searching for Solutions to the Threats to Maiko

Camping site of mining workers at the edge of the park (© Paulin Wilondja-As-Ngobobo)

Conservation in the Maiko National Park (MNP) remains difficult: the intensity of threats to the park has not decreased. It is an enormous challenge…


Maiko and the Simba

Illegal mining site in the park (© Stuart Nixon/FFI)

The Maiko National Park (MNP) is one of the least known and most biodiverse of all parks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo comprising over…


Threats to Maiko National Park 2011

Paulin Wilondja-As-Ngobobo with the confiscated Lubutu (© ICCN)

While the Maiko National Park still contains a high biodiversity, it is increasingly obvious that its conservation is still dependent on finding a…


Status of Maiko National Park

Transport of a monkey that was killed in the national park (© Paulin Wilondja-as-Ngobobo)

Maiko National Park (MNP) is part of a network of 7 national parks located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The MNP was created in 1970 by…


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