Here you find trivia about the two gorilla species, eastern and western gorillas.

Gorilla Diversity

[Translate to Englisch:] Westlicher Gorilla im Zoo und Berggorilla in Bwindi

Present Gorilla Taxonomy

A species is a population (or group of populations), distinguished by the possession of one or more consistent heritable…


News from Gorilla Genetics

[Translate to EN:] Zoo-Gorilla Pertinax (© Angela Meder)

After the sequencing of the gorilla genome, the authors report unexpected results. The standard view of the evolutionary relationship between the…


Genetic Diversity: Cross River Gorillas

Distribution of the Cross River Gorilla (© Angela Meder, mit Informationen von Rich Bergl)

Conservation research on gorillas has, to date, mainly focused on demographic factors, human impacts, and the influence of disease. Genetic data have…


Genetic Analysis in the Cross River Gorilla

Affinities of the Ebo Forest Gorillas

Where are the Gorillas?

Gorilla mtDNA

The Problem with numts

The Man Who Discovered the Mountain Gorilla