Tayna Nature Reserve

Réserve Naturelle de Tayna

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conservation status:
Nature Reserve

886 km²

1500–1700 m

c. 450 Grauer’s gorillas

Gorilla tourism:
not possible

Great Ape Survey in Tayna Nature Reserve

In 2021, GRACE completed the first-ever great ape survey of the entire Tayna Nature Reserve, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). How...


Senkwekwe Centre

Ndeze and Ndakasi in the Senkwekwe Centre (© www.gorilla.cd)

The two mountain gorilla orphans Ndeze and Ndakasi grew up in a house in Goma - a town full of dust and noise. These are certainly not suitable...


GRACE Center

Ndjingala, who now lives in the GRACE Center (© PASA/DFGFI/Disney/MGVP)

The rumors began in early February 2010: Somewhere in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, an infant gorilla was being offered for sale. Some...


Census in the Tayna Gorilla Reserve