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Gorilla photos in the head section of the website: Christian Kaiser, Cyril Grüter
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Declaration in terms of the Information Commitment on the Data and Privacy Protection Rules

With effect of May 25th, 2018, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) is strengthening the protection of individual privacy and personal data. Not only companies and business enterprises are obliged to protect data privacy, but also clubs like Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V. (BR&D, in the following also the "club"). This obligation applies towards you as a club member of BR&D as well as – regardless being a member or not - a user of our web and social media services. Our data privacy rules apply accordingly in case that you contact us on your own initiative, via a contact form, email or in another written form or if you grant a donation to us. We confirm that will process all data which is provided to us in a legally compliant way.

In order to be able to serve our club members, to inform them about all relevant activities within BR&D and to fulfil assigned duties, we record the following data: first name, last name, postal address, birth date, preferred language and bank account data; in addition, if you have declared them, also your email address and phone number(s). The recording of these data is necessary to fulfil our duties in the context of your club membership and/or your manifested interest in our club activities.

When using our internet and/or social media services, some user data are collected and recorded for administrational and technical reasons. Please find more information and explanations in our detailed Data Protection Guideline.

Apart from the BR&D board members and the treasurer, the following parties may have access to some or all of your recorded data: an external service provider who is in charge of particular tasks on our behalf, other (internal) club members being in charge of particular tasks on behalf of the BR&D board (e.g. to process the shipment of the Gorilla Journal or information material) or on behalf of the general members meeting (e.g. in order to complete the legally required finance audit). According to the applicable laws, we conclude contractual agreements with our external service providers to ensure data and privacy protection in a legally compliant way. We do not process or forward any of your data to/by other than the mentioned parties. After the termination of the club membership, all member data are deleted if and as long as we are not supposed to regard a compulsory retention period.

For other individuals who are not members and/or who have contacted us on own initiative for an explicit purpose, or those who have donated, any personal data will be used exclusively to serve your request or initiative or to administer your donation in an appropriate way. The data will be kept strictly confidential and will be deleted under consideration of a potentially required compulsory retention period. They are not forwarded to a third party.

The responsible body for data and privacy protection is:

Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V.
c/o Burkhard Broecker
Juedenweg 3
33161 Hoevelhof
Tel.: +49-5257-6533

You are entitled to the following rights in terms of your data: information and access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and object/repeal. If you believe that our data processing procedures are in conflict with data protection laws or your personal data and privacy protection rights are violated, you may contact the above mentioned responsible body for data and privacy protection. According to the legal regulations, we are currently not obliged to explicitly appoint an independent Data Protection Officer.

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You will find more detailed information and explanations in our detailed Data Protection Guideline. We kindly ask for your understanding that this binding document is in German language only.

Hoevelhof, May 30th,2018
Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V.

Concept, Design:

Ravid Aloni


We have integrated the consent management tool "consentmanager" ( from consentmanager AB (Håltgelvågen 1b, 72348 Västerås, Sweden, info(at) on our website to obtain consent for data processing and use of cookies or comparable functions. With the help of "consentmanager" you have the possibility to give your consent for certain functionalities of our website, e.g. for the purpose of integrating external elements, integrating streaming content, statistical analysis, measurement and personalized advertising. With the help of “consentmanager” you can grant or reject your consent for all functions or give your consent for individual purposes or individual functions. The settings you have made can also be changed afterwards. The purpose of integrating “consentmanager” is to let the users of our website decide about the above-mentioned things and, as part of the further use of our website, to offer the option of changing settings that have already been made. By using “consentmanager”, personal data and information from the end devices used, such as the IP address, are processed by consentmanager. In addition, the processed information may also be stored on your device.

The legal basis for processing is Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. c) in conjunction with Art. 6 para. 3 sentence 1 lit. a) in conjunction with Art. 7 para. 1 GDPR and, in the alternative, lit. f). By processing the data, consentmanager helps us (according to GDPR this is the responsible party) to fulfill our legal obligations (e.g. obligation to provide evidence). Our legitimate interests in processing lie in the storage of user settings and preferences with regard to the use of cookies and other functionalities. "Consentmanager" stores your data as long as your user settings are active. After two years after making the user settings, the consent will be asked again. The user settings made are then saved again for this period.
You can object to the processing. You have the right to object to reasons arising from your particular situation. To object, please send an email to info(at)