Western Gorillas

Western gorillas generally have a shorter and lighter pelage than eastern gorillas. There are two subspecies: western lowland gorillas and Cross River gorillas. Zoo gorillas are almost exclusively western gorillas.

Geriatric Gorillas


December 22, 1956, was a historic day for the zoological world as we welcomed the first successful zoo gorilla birth - a female, eventually named Colo...


Club des Amis des Gorilles

His Majesty the Paramount Chief of Ndokbiakat (the Ebo region) addressing delegates at the first Ebo Chief’s meeting, in June 2011 (© ZSSD/Abwe Abwe)

An isolated population of gorillas lives in the Ebo forest, Cameroon, between the Cross River gorillas and the western lowland gorillas south of the...


A New Genetic Perspective on Gorillas



Human Impact on Gorilla Behaviour

Leanne Van der Weyde viewing the gorillas (© Michelle Klailova)

Western lowland gorilla tourism exists on a considerably smaller scale than that of the high profile mountain gorillas. Yet the successful habituation...



Affinities of the Ebo Forest Gorillas

The Gorillas of the Ebo Forest