Western Gorillas

Western gorillas generally have a shorter and lighter pelage than eastern gorillas. There are two subspecies: western lowland gorillas and Cross River gorillas. Zoo gorillas are almost exclusively western gorillas.

Geriatric Gorillas

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December 22, 1956, was a historic day for the zoological world as we welcomed the first successful zoo gorilla birth - a female, eventually named Colo…


Club des Amis des Gorilles

His Majesty the Paramount Chief of Ndokbiakat (the Ebo region) addressing delegates at the first Ebo Chief’s meeting, in June 2011 (© ZSSD/Abwe Abwe)

An isolated population of gorillas lives in the Ebo forest, Cameroon, between the Cross River gorillas and the western lowland gorillas south of the…


A New Genetic Perspective on Gorillas

Over the last two decades genetic studies have greatly influenced our understanding of the complex evolutionary history of one of our closest living…


Human Impact on Gorilla Behaviour

Leanne Van der Weyde viewing the gorillas (© Michelle Klailova)

Western lowland gorilla tourism exists on a considerably smaller scale than that of the high profile mountain gorillas. Yet the successful habituation…



Affinities of the Ebo Forest Gorillas

The Gorillas of the Ebo Forest