Communities in Sarambwe

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This kind of animal den was constructed with our support in Sarambwe and are now to be constructed at Mt. Tshiaberimu too to reduce poaching. (© Jean Paul)

It is not easy to convince the local population of the benefits of nature conservation if the living conditions are as difficult as they are in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The best way to achieve this is for the people who live in the vicinity of protected areas to feel that they benefit from them. Claude Sikubwabo is in contact with the communities adjacent to the Sarambwe reserve and regularly monitors the success of the projects we support. He talks to the people and knows their needs.

We have received the following requests for support from communities close to Sarambwe Reserve:

  • Kikundi cha Maendeleo: support for various agricultural activities and assistance for the purchase of household items
  • Mamans de Nyarabugu: eight sewing machines
  • Ajacar: setting up of a nursery, small animal breeding
  • Rice cultivation
  • Kishara: solar streetlamps

We would like to continue improving relations between the population and the Sarambwe Reserve. Please help us to carry out these small projects!

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