Videos with and about Cross River Gorillas

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[Translate to EN:] Erstes Video von Cross-River-Gorillas, aufgenommen mit einer Kamerafalle

[Translate to EN:] Weiteres Video von Cross-River-Gorillas, die mit einer Kamerafalle gefilmt wurden

[Translate to EN:] Schutz der Cross-River-Gorillas: North Carolina Zoo

[Translate to EN:] Cross-River-Gorillas: Association for Wildlife Protection

[Translate to EN:] Gorilla Folk Films from the Cross River Headwaters

Rare Footage of Cross River Gorillas Captured by the Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society set up camera traps in the Kagwene Sanctuary, Cameroon, and this gorilla group passed by. The video comments what happens. Link to the video


Cross River Gorilla Camera Trap Video

SOS grantee Wildlife Conservation Society shared this impressive camera trap video of Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas passing through the forest of the Kagwene Sanctuary. Link to the video


Cross River Gorilla Conservation: North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo supports the conservation of the Cross River Gorilla and produced this video. It shows the research of Richard Bergl, the Zoo's Curator of Conservation and Research, who has been working for ten years to learn more about this endangered animal. Link to the video


Gorilla Folk Films from the Cross River Headwaters

Over the summer of 2014, At Films worked with WCS Nigeria to begin co-producing a series of short films with local communities about the Cross River gorilla. In the fall, they expanded this work to Cameroon. Over the next few months, they continued the series with the help of ERuDEF. At Films are made by Adam Pérou Hermans and Noal Zainab Amir. Link to the video