Support for Communities

Categories: Journal no. 64, Appeal for Donations, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mt. Tshiaberimu, Mountain Gorilla

Participants of the training workshop for energy efficient cooking stoves (© Kasereka Neema Gervais)

We have already supported many projects, which have turned out to be very successful, for the people of Mt. Tshiaberimu. Other communities around the mountain are now also asking for our support. The communities are specifically asking for the following:

  • improved water supply
  • solar streetlights for public places
  • training courses for production of energy-saving cooking stoves
  • tree planting

Why do we support the communities around the Virunga National Park? After a long period of constant conflict between the park administration and the communities around Mt. Tshiaberimu, their relationship has become much more harmonious. A major reason for this is that the population now benefits from the park. When people realise that gorilla protection organisations are working to improve the lives of people in local communities, as well as to protect the park, they are more likely to work with the park rather than against it.

We want to continue to support this good cooperation - please help us!

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