Adoption of Community Development Projects by the Population near Mount Tshiaberimu

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Claude Sikubwabo tastes fish that grew in one of the ponds.

The term 'adoption of projects' is understood to mean the acceptance of the projects and their integration into local and daily activities on the ground. At Mount Tshiaberimu, the project promoting the growing of passion fruit as part of reforestation and to improve the population's likelihoods has become well integrated in terms of generated revenue and in terms of the population's commitment to the project (see Gorilla Journal 52). The reforested areas are maintained and the individual passion fruit plantations are becoming more and more visible.

The fish farming project funds terminated in June 2016. Currently, the project includes six pilot sites with six pilot ponds. While the management of the pilot ponds mostly benefited the local authorities, the population has created family ponds or individual ponds - currently, a total of 64 small ponds are being managed. Between September 2016 and the end of February 2017, another 17 families were added, resulting in a total of 81 family ponds. They are distributed among the eight villages of Vulambo, Kitolu, Ndekere, Luseke, Kasimi, Kasundi, Kitvya and Kisanga.


What purpose do all these ponds serve? As they are small, their products are for the consumption only of the families themselves. The fry alone is sold in the market, and only on order. During our trip to Mount Tshiaberimu, at the end of January 2017, we held a meeting to evaluate progress with the pond project. One fish farmer informed us that he had already earned US$ 1,500 by selling the fry, and four other people had earned about US$ 200 each. Such a return is exclusively generated by the sale of fry, and the household's own consumptions and gifts to third parties are not included in this return.

Claude Sikubwabo Kiyengo