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The first donation by SaveBwindi arrived in Ruhija: food is distributed to the porters.

When Astrid Ebert and Thomas Schulz visited Bwindi National Park and its gorillas 10 years ago, they were delighted. In view of the Corona pandemic and the halt to tourism, they now want to support the game guards who are particularly affected by the lack of revenue. Thomas Schulz has created his own website for this purpose.

On the new website they write: "We have thought long and hard about how we want to use the donations. The rangers are the guarantors for the safety of the animals. They and the trackers, who always know where the groups are, are concerned, also the helpers and porters who enable the tourists to get to the remotest corners of the rainforest to experience the gorillas up close. They all live from the fees of the tourists, who unfortunately do not come to the same extent due to the travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. The money we collect should primarily benefit the rangers, trackers and porters because only if they are able to feed their families, they will be able to continue to look after the animals.”

Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e. V. will collect the donations generated by the website and pass them on to Martha Robbins, who is in direct contact with the game guards through her team in Bwindi. This will ensure that the funds will get to those for whom they are intended.