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A patrol ready to leave for the Itombwe Reserve (© ICCN)

Some patrols are carried out in the Itombwe Reserve with support from B&RD. However, their numbers are far from sufficient and they are very poorly equipped. Only a part of the reserve is patrolled regularly, although patrols are also necessary in the remainder of the reserve to ensure protection of the forest and the animals that live there. The men lack equipment and food. They have to carry heavy packs, which makes collecting data very difficult while travelling.

Many things are needed to facilitate existing patrols and to make additional patrols possible:

  • rations (400-500 USD/month)
  • medical care (100 USD/month)
  • equipment (GPSs, rubber boots, uniforms, raingear, sleeping bags, medicines, tents and cooking utensils …)
  • wages for porters to carry the camping equipment
  • bonuses to increase motivation

If these funds were available on a sustained basis, one or two additional patrols per month could be organised. Help us to make this possible!

Bank Details:
IBAN:  DE06 3625 0000 0353 3443 15
Switzerland: IBAN: CH90 0900 0000 4046 1685 7

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