Sarambwe: A Year without Rangers – but not without Protection!

Categories: Journal no. 63, Success Stories, Appeal for Donations, Threats, Protective Measures, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sarambwe, Mountain Gorilla

The Sarambwe trackers with new equipment. (© Getride Nzanzu)

On 10 October 2020, a ranger was killed during an attack on the Sarambwe ranger post – we reported it at the time. The national park authority ICCN then withdrew the rangers and the military stationed there. Our project manager Claude Sikubwabo assumed that they would return after a while, but this has not happened. As a result, illegal activities in the protected area, which were quite well controlled until then, have increased.

We continued to provide financial support to the trackers who determined to stay and continue their patrolling activities despite the high security risk. Thanks to their commitment, illegal encroachment has largely been stopped. For a year now, the trackers have been solely responsible for the Sarambwe Reserve, and they have managed to protect it without the help of rangers or the military and without firearms.

We propose to reward this tremendous achievement with a special bonus, which we would like to hand over before Christmas. Claude Sikubwabo is in the process of exploring what this might look like. Whatever shape it will take, we would be happy to receive donations for the trackers – they deserve it. If you would like to contribute, please donate with the keyword ‘Sarambwe’.