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Gorillas are fascinating animals – they are a main attraction in zoos, and to visit them in the wild is the dream of a lifetime for many people.


In General we have collected important information about gorillas and summarized it for you in a concise form.


The taxonomy of gorillas has been much discussed during the past few years; in Species you can find out the taxonomy that most experts now agree upon.

Gorilla Numbers

In surveys specialists try to find information on Gorilla Numbers. Moreover, there are many places with habituated gorillas that can be counted directly.

Threats & Protection

If you are especially interested in the conservation of gorillas in their African homeland, you will want to look Threats & Protection.


In Countries (the countries where gorillas live) we especially concentrate on those where we have supported gorilla conservation projects. 

Protected areas

There are many Protected Areas for gorillas, and here we also specialize on those that we have supported.

People & Gorillas

The relationship between People & Gorillas is very interesting from a cultural viewpoint, but, even more importantly, it is a central aspect in the planning of conservation measures.

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Bwindi gorilla (© Susanne Zeitler)