Protected areasCross River National Park

Cross River National Park



640 km²

110–1700 m

35-55 Cross-River-Gorillas

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Clean Water for Cross River Conservation; Rangers on the Frontlines

July 2016

In a previous article, we documented bushmeat trafficking out of West/Central Africa for sale in underground markets in Europe and North America....[details]

Bushmeat Hunting Changes African Rainforests

January 2014

Hunting often devastates populations of large mammals, and this may have impact on other animal and plant communities. In two recent studies (Effiom...[details]

Approaches to Saving Gorillas in Nigeria

December 2010

WCS education coordinator, Mark Otu (right), hands over the keys of a snail pen to one of the project beneficiaries, John Kidze, as he receives hunting gear from him (© WCS)

Cross River gorillas face diverse threats resulting from high human population densities around the areas they inhabit. Efforts to save these...[details]

Monitoring Gorillas in Nigeria

July 2010

Comparison of encounter rate of human sign (per km) in Boshi Extension, Mbe Mountains and Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (© Inaoyom Imong)

From March to August 2009, surveys were conducted to evaluate the status of gorillas and other diurnal primates and their habitat at four gorilla...[details]

Alternatives for Hunters

December 2009

Hunters demonstrate with bee suit and veil during training on bee-keeping in Butatong (© Louis Nkonyu)

As part of our efforts to improve the protection of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla in Nigeria, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)...[details]

News from Cross River National Park 2007

December 2007

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Construction of a Ranger Post

September 2006

A new patrol post for the rangers (© Andrew Dunn)

In Bumaji (Cross River National Park) a new patrol post for the ranger was funded by us.[details]

Equipment for Gorilla Census

March 2008

Local porters carry the survey equipment through the forest (© Pius Nkumba, WCS TMLP)

For their patrols in the Sarambwe Reserve during one year the rangers were provided with food rations. Related News:Additional Support when the...[details]

Update on Nigeria: WCS's Work

June 2005

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file.[details]

The Role of the Cross River National Park

February 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

A Report from Nigeria 1998

June 1998

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

Bushmeat Trade Around Cross River National Park

December 2001

Available only within the Gorilla Journal PDF file[details]

World's Rarest Gorilla Finds Sanctuary

June 2008

The WCS research camp and eco-guard post perched on the forest edge at 1,800 m above sea level. Cross River gorilla monitoring and protection activities are coordinated from this camp. (© WCS, Aaron Nicholas)

The government of Cameroon announced on the 3rd of April 2008 the creation of the world's first sanctuary exclusively for the Cross River gorilla,...[details]